Summercamp “Drawer” – Fuji Rock Festival – Japan 1997

FLASHBACK:  Summercamp – Fuji Rock Festival – Japan. Here’s a video that our manager shot of my band Summercamp playing the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan back in 1997 — sharing the main stage with Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine in front of 30,000 people during a typhoon. Crazy. I believe this was the day the album Summercamp “Pure Juice” was released in Japan too — Rock!

The official music video which was in rotation on MTV back in the day can be seen here:

1 thought on “Summercamp “Drawer” – Fuji Rock Festival – Japan 1997

  1. Sean, will the unreleased Summercamp album ever see the light of day? There are still some diehard fans of the Summercamp album who would love to hear the followup. I was surprised to discover there was even a promo video shot for “The One I’m Without”.

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