Karla Bonoff “Silent Night”

Download or Stream Karla Bonoff “Silent Night” – CLICK HERE

The album Karla Bonoff and I recorded is NOW AVAILABLE for download and streaming today! Choose your preferred platform by clicking the link below. The album has been recently added to SiriusXM as well. This is what the Program Director, MarySue Twohy at SiriusXM had to say:

“I just want to say this out loud:  Karla’s new album is stunning.  I listen to music for a living – (amazing right?) and I was stopped in my tracks.  I could not do anything else but listen. She sang every word and was invested in every note.  I felt it.  There was so much care and emotion.  And the arrangements, the production values and the authenticity of her delivery – just tears.I am really looking forward to adding this to rotation – I normally shoot for around 4 tracks for an album I enjoy – I am adding 6 of Karla’s new album.  I hope she truly knows how incredible her talent is on this planet. Just beautiful.”
— MarySue Twohy, SiriusXM Program Director

Karla Bonoff “Carry Me Home” (Music Video)

Carry Me Home is the title track and a new song from Karla Bonoff’s latest album, a definitive 16-track collection of acoustic versions of Karla’s most enduring songs. The song has all the elements of Karla’s best songs, that great voice that doesn’t seem to age, heartfelt lyrics and a beautiful melody. This video is produced by Sean McCue and Nina McCue, and was shot in Karla’s home in Santa Barbara.


1973 Opel GT California Custom

My father, Dan McCue, designed and built this beautiful and powerful hybrid car on the chassis of a 1973 Opel GT in Santa Barbara, California. The body has been masterfully re-imagined with the idea of form following function: Flared fenders to accommodate wide wheels and tires. Air intakes and outlets for brake cooling. Massive air intake for radiator and oil cooling heat exchangers. The hood has a gracefully sculpted NACA scoop to feed cool air to the naturally aspirated Weber carburetor, bolted to a ported Mazda RX-7 13B rotary engine. The driveline, brakes and suspension have been completely replaced with custom fabricated parts and RX-7 suspension elements. The custom free-flow exhaust makes quite a throaty roar.

Photos taken in the hills of Santa Barbara, California.