Say No More

Live at Soho in Santa Barbara, California – Jan. 3, 2017

Sean McCue (acoustic guitar & vocals), Michelle Beauchesne (cello), Todd Capps (piano).

Words & Music by Sean McCue. ©2017 McCusic (ASCAP).

Video by Nina McCue.

Somewhere in Time

Cello: Michelle Beauchesne. Guitar: Sean McCue. Written by John Barry, from the Somewhere in Time – Soundtrack.

Last night I learned, interpreted and spontaneously recorded this little instrumental called “Somewhere in Time” for a special occasion I was asked to play this weekend. This is a live duet with Michelle Beauchesne playing her cello, while I’m outlining the chords on my acoustic guitar. I like the atmosphere of the live stereo recording, so thought I would share.


• • •

For the audio geeks (like me): I placed an Avantone CK-40 Stereo Multi-Pattern FET Microphone a few feet away in my studio with both capsules set to cardioid in X/Y with the low-cut ON, and ran the signal through a Grace 801 preamp and into Logic Pro.