Karla Bonoff “Silent Night”

Download or Stream Karla Bonoff “Silent Night” – CLICK HERE

The album Karla Bonoff and I recorded is NOW AVAILABLE for download and streaming today! Choose your preferred platform by clicking the link below. The album has been recently added to SiriusXM as well. This is what the Program Director, MarySue Twohy at SiriusXM had to say:

“I just want to say this out loud:  Karla’s new album is stunning.  I listen to music for a living – (amazing right?) and I was stopped in my tracks.  I could not do anything else but listen. She sang every word and was invested in every note.  I felt it.  There was so much care and emotion.  And the arrangements, the production values and the authenticity of her delivery – just tears.I am really looking forward to adding this to rotation – I normally shoot for around 4 tracks for an album I enjoy – I am adding 6 of Karla’s new album.  I hope she truly knows how incredible her talent is on this planet. Just beautiful.”
— MarySue Twohy, SiriusXM Program Director

Somewhere in Time

Cello: Michelle Beauchesne. Guitar: Sean McCue. Written by John Barry, from the Somewhere in Time – Soundtrack.

Last night I learned, interpreted and spontaneously recorded this little instrumental called “Somewhere in Time” for a special occasion I was asked to play this weekend. This is a live duet with Michelle Beauchesne playing her cello, while I’m outlining the chords on my acoustic guitar. I like the atmosphere of the live stereo recording, so thought I would share.


• • •

For the audio geeks (like me): I placed an Avantone CK-40 Stereo Multi-Pattern FET Microphone a few feet away in my studio with both capsules set to cardioid in X/Y with the low-cut ON, and ran the signal through a Grace 801 preamp and into Logic Pro.