LIVE on KTYD 99.9


I had the pleasure of participating in the “Keep the Beat” Radiothon to help raise money and encourage the donation of musical instruments for kids in the unified school district of Santa Barbara. Michelle Beauchesne and I went down to KTYD 99.9 and visited with the wonderful Lin Aubuchon & Bill Pesso who were hosting the Radiothon. There was a brief interview and we played an acoustic version of the Summercamp hit “Should I Walk Away” and our spin on the U2 song “Beautiful Day“.




Two Tickets to Paradise

Well over a decade ago I was asked to record a version of Eddie Money’s Two Tickets to Paradise for a film. As a lark I got together with some from friends one day at my house and recorded this:

Two Tickets to Paradise by Sean McCue

It didn’t make it into the final cut of the film, and as a result has been sitting on the shelf for years. I figure now is an appropriate time to share the fun time that was had that day. Thank you Eddie… Rest in Peace.

Pompeya LIVE in SB

A band from Moscow, Russia called “Pompeya” is on tour in the states and came through Santa Barbara August 18th, 2019. They played a show at Fox Winery for a Red Wagon Music event. My daughter Nina shot the video and I made a mix of the (somewhat) individually tracked audio. Warning: Catchy song. Get your eighties on!


Baywatch “California Dream”

I was asked by the producers of Baywatch to write a song to replace the song “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys for this classic Baywatch montage as part of the monumental Baywatch HD Remastering effort. I was honored and a little terrified to replace such an epic song. Here’s what I came up with: “California Dream

The original Baywatch series was shot on 35mm film, so the producers were able to go back and scan all of the original footage for all 9 seasons and digitize them in high definition. All 350 songs for the classic montages needed to be replaced. No easy task, but certainly a fun one! Many songwriters were involved and it took months to cross the finish line. I was fortunate enough to contribute 21 songs working out of my home studio. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Tariqh Akoni and Tony Sevener, from Summercamp on a few of those songs as well.

Karla Bonoff “Carry Me Home”


The new Karla Bonoff album “Carry Me Home” has been officially released worldwide today! It’s an honor to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this beautiful album and work with such an amazing artist. Listen: Spotify • iTunes • Amazon

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LIVE from the 805



ALASTAIR GREENE “LIVE from the 805” double CD is here!
I’m proud to have lended a hand in the creation of this album — Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Graphic Design, & Photography.

Visit to get your copy! Or go to iTunes to download.

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Drums anyone?


Need drums recorded for your music project? I have them all miked up and they sound great. Nothing beats the real thing.

It’s easy.

Send me a mix of your music. I send you back pro sounding drum tracks.

If you’re a drummer, come on over. If not, I know some great drummers who can play the kit for you.

email me: Sean McCue –