1973 Opel GT California Custom

My father, Dan McCue, designed and built this beautiful and powerful hybrid car on the chassis of a 1973 Opel GT in Santa Barbara, California. The body has been masterfully re-imagined with the idea of form following function: Flared fenders to accommodate wide wheels and tires. Air intakes and outlets for brake cooling. Massive air intake for radiator and oil cooling heat exchangers. The hood has a gracefully sculpted NACA scoop to feed cool air to the naturally aspirated Weber carburetor, bolted to a ported Mazda RX-7 13B rotary engine. The driveline, brakes and suspension have been completely replaced with custom fabricated parts and RX-7 suspension elements. The custom free-flow exhaust makes quite a throaty roar.

Photos taken in the hills of Santa Barbara, California.

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