The Truth is Out

Here is a song called “The Truth is Out” from the Jan. 3, 2017 show at Soho in Santa Barbara.

Video by Nina McCue.

Sean McCue (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals), Tariqh Akoni (electric guitar), Michelle Beauchesne (cello & Vocals), Todd Capps (piano) and Randy Tico (bass).

Words & Music by Sean McCue. ©2017 McCusic (ASCAP).

There is an album version available here from the album “After the Fire“.




Scoring for a Chamber Orchestra

Recently I was given the opportunity to compose two pieces of music for the Harid Alumni Chamber Orchestra. Although I’ve been writing and recording music for many years, this was my first attempt at composing and creating sheet music for a real, living and breathing chamber orchestra.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the live performance at the Harid Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida in March of 2016.  However I do have a video of the performance of both pieces “A Moment in Time” & “Behind the Red Door”.


Harid Alumni Chamber Orchestra

Performing “A Moment in Time” & “Behind the Red Door”



1. A Moment in Time

The first piece is titled “A Moment in Time”. I mocked up a demo in Logic Pro using virtual instruments. From there was able to generate a full score as well as individual sheet music for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, French Horn, Clarinet, Flute and Piano.


Demo for “A Moment in Time”

The Score

A Moment in Time - FULL SCORE - Page 1.jpg

A Moment in Time - FULL SCORE - Page 2.jpg

A Moment in Time - FULL SCORE - Page 3.jpg

A Moment in Time - FULL SCORE - Page 4.jpg



2. Behind the Red Door

The second piece is titled “Behind the Red Door”. This piece started out with Michelle Beauchesne’s cello melody. I recorded her part in Logic Pro and then orchestrated around that with virtual instruments to give the cello line some movement and lift. Once the demo was complete I was able to generate a score and individual sheet music for each musician.

Logic Pro Screenshot:

Behind the Red Door - Logic Pro.png

Demo for “Behind the Red Door”




Harid Alumni Chamber Orchestra

Misha Vitenson & Sarah Okura Demmie — Violin
Noralee Walker & Marylène Gongras-Roy — Viola
Michelle Beauchesne — Cello
Maria Brotherston & Roberto DeBellis — Bass
Selçuk Yargici — French Horn
Catina Franklin Sweedy — Clarinet
Arthur Kirby & Asis Reyes — Flute
Dianne Lehrer, Ilia Muriente & Erik Frampton — Piano

• • •

A huge thank you to all of the musicians who performed the music so beautifully — What a delight!