The Truth is Out

Here is a song called “The Truth is Out” from the Jan. 3, 2017 show at Soho in Santa Barbara.

Video by Nina McCue.

Sean McCue (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals), Tariqh Akoni (electric guitar), Michelle Beauchesne (cello & Vocals), Todd Capps (piano) and Randy Tico (bass).

Words & Music by Sean McCue. ©2017 McCusic (ASCAP).

There is an album version available here from the album “After the Fire“.




Drums anyone?


Need drums recorded for your music project? I have them all miked up and they sound great. Nothing beats the real thing.

It’s easy.

Send me a mix of your music. I send you back pro sounding drum tracks.

If you’re a drummer, come on over. If not, I know some great drummers who can play the kit for you.

email me: Sean McCue –




You Can’t Have My Soul

Recently I produced this single for Jason Campbell called “You Can’t Have My Soul”. The idea was to go to a place he hasn’t gone before stylistically. Typically Jason performs live singing and playing his acoustic guitar with his backup band. We decided to take a left turn and feature Jason’s bass playing and vocals, and go for an electronic groove vibe in the vein of Thievery Corporation or Hotel Costes, but with a bit more of Jason’s live drive and energy.

It would be cool to hear a full length album like this!

Check it out on iTunes: